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Mail App (Windows 8) Keyboard Shortcuts


Today, I have collected the List of Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8 Mail App. I know you must be  using Mail App if you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

There are some problems with Older shortcut of Mail App (Outlook) in previous windows.

Here is the complete list of Keyboard combination to perform your task easily and in timely manner.

Ctrl+Shift+RReply all
Ctrl+MMove item to a folder
Ctrl+JToggle between marking a message as junk or not junk
Ctrl+Shift+UShow only unread messages
Ctrl+Shift+AShow all messages
Ctrl+Shift+EShow Folder options
Ctrl+UMark as unread
Ctrl+QMark as read
Ctrl+ASelect all messages
InsertToggle between Flag and Remove flag for messages
Ctrl+NNew Message
Alt+BPut focus on the bcc button
Alt+CPut focus on the cc button / Accept
Alt+TPut focus on the To button / Tentative
Alt+VOpen the invitation in Calendar
Alt+SSend mail
Alt+IInsert attachment
Ctrl+Shift+FSelect a font
Ctrl+SpacebarClear formatting
Ctrl+[Increase font size one point
Ctrl+]Decrease font size one point
Ctrl+Shift+,Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+.Increase font size
Ctrl+KAdd a link
Ctrl+MIndent when text is selected
Tab or Shift+TabIndent/outdent when text is selected or when focus is in a list
Ctrl+’Acute accent
Ctrl+,Cedilla accent
Ctrl+Shift+6Circumflex accent
Ctrl+Shift+;Diaeresis accent
Ctrl+Grave accent
Ctrl+Shift+7Ligature accent
Ctrl+Shift+2Ring accent
Ctrl+/Slash accent
Ctrl+Shift+Tilde accent
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1Inverted exclamation mark
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+/Inverted question mark

Hope these will be helpful in your working. Keep visiting.

+John Bhatt 

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