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Running DOS or C/C++ in Full Screen in Windows 7 or 8

Hi,If you are a developer, of learning programming languages, you must have to deal with Turbo C/C++ compiler. On the early days of Learning, we have used Windows XP which have ability to run Command Prompt (MS DOS) in full screen mode. But Microsoft has ended support to Windows XP and released 4 new operating system after Windows XP. The major change in newer versions is that, they do not support MS DOS in full screen mode.

Now the requirement is, if you have to work on C/C++ application, you have to work in minimized screen. To make it full screen, we have an application named DOSBox, which is open-source and cross platform.
Below is step by step guide to install and configure DOSBox.

  • Download and Install DOSBox from
  • After installing open DOSBox from menu.
  • You will see following screen.
  • Type following command to load Turbo C compiler in DOSBox.

Description of Code:

Line 1: MOUNT C C:TC : Mounts C:TC (where Turbo C is located) as C Drive. You can choose any drive that exists in your system. This will not effect your existing files.
Line 2: C: : Navigated to C Drive.
Line 3: CD BIN Navigated to Folder BIN normally as we do in MS – DOS.
Line 4: TC Run the Turbo C/C++ Compiler IDE located inside BIN folder.

Lets make it full screen.

Do not forget to change the Directory options from Options menu so that Include directories work fine.
If you find this article helpful, do share with your friends. If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know. We will read and improve ourselves.
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