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How to create First Web page?

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Now open the notepad by Typing notepad in Run
Run command.
Now type the following codes in notepad and save it with extension .htm or .html.

Now I am going to describe the above codes.
First we started with tag which starts the HTML language. This is to identify that the script is written in HTML for Web-Browsers. Then we started tag which is used to write scripts and for advance level use. Then we started tag. This is the title of page which is written in Title Bar of Browser. Then we closed tag using forward slash . Then we also closed tag using forward slash . Now our header area is closed and we have to start body of web page with  tag. We can write anything we want to display in the webpage inside body area. After writing the body contents we have to close  tag with . And we closed all HTML tags by the help of tag.
In brief these are the most important tags to create a webpage.
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