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Java SE setup JDK

Here I’m  sharing the way to setup pc for java SE development. First step here is to download jdk.

You can download JDK from this link

Java SE setup JDK
JDK download Page

You will get a file named jdk-8u121-windows-i586.exe. Here I’m using 32 bit windows os. This is JDK 8.

Now run that file and go through all the steps. During this you can change installation directory and customize utility packages like Development tools and jre’s. Lets have a look at few screenshots.

Java SE setup JDK

Java SE setup JDK

Java SE setup JDK

After this you can run a java program. Let’s do it..

  1. Open Notepad and type a simple java  program on it. You can paste following code.
    Then save this program with name

    Java SE setup JDK

    Remember use the same file name as class name in program.

    The extension of file name should be .java.

  2. Open Command prompt and change working directory to that which contains java file. In My case java file is in D: drive. Then Type command –>javac  this command will compile java program and list out errors.  You may get the message saying javac is not recognized as internal and external command. In Such case you have to add path of jdk/bin into classpath of system. Then –> java MyClass  , This command will run your java program and show output.

Java SE setup JDK

OK guys comment on in case of any problem. In next post we will set up eclipse as sophisticated IDE for java development.

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