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Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2003


Lets have a look at some keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Table of keyboard shortcuts (combinations)
1Ctrl+ASelect All
4Ctrl+DFill Down
9Ctrl+KInsert Hyper Link
10Ctrl+NNew Workbook
13Ctrl+RFill Right
15Ctrl+UUnder Line
21F1HelpHelp,Contents and Index
23F3Paste NameInsert,Name,Past
24F4Repeat test actionEdit,Repeat,Works while not in Edit mode
25F4White typing a formula, Switch between absotule/reletave relsNone
27F6Next paneNone
28F7Spell checkTools,Speling
29F8Extent modeNone
30F9Recaicutate all work bookTools,Options,Calucation,Cale,Now
31F10Active MemberN/A
32F11New chartInsert, Chart
33F12Save AsFile,Save As
34Ctrl+ :Insert Cument TimeNone
35Ctrl+ ;Insert Current DateNone
36Cttrl+ “Copy Value form Cell AboveEdit,Pest Special,Value
37Ctrl+Copy Formula form Cell AboveEdit,Copy
38ShiftHold down sift for additinaol in Excel’s meNone
39Shiftt+F1What’s This?Help,What’s This?
40Shift+F2Edit Cell CommentInsert, Edit,Comments
41Shift+F3Pest function Into formulasInsert, Function
42Shift+F4Find NextEdit,Next,Find Next
43Shift+F5FindEdit,Next,Find Next
44Shift+F6Previous penNone
45Shift+F8Add to selectionNone
46Shift+F9Calculete active worksheetCalc Sheet
47Shift+F10Display shortcut menuNone
48Shift+F11New  worksheetInsert, Worksheet
50Ctrl+F3Define NameInsert Names Define
51Ctrl+F4CloseFile Close
52Ctrl+F5XL Restore window SizeRestore
53Ctrl+F6Next workbook windowWindow,….
54Shift +Ctrl+F6Previous workbook windowWindow,….
55Ctrl+F7Move windowXL,Move
56Ctrl+F8Resize windowXL,Size
57Ctrl+F9Minimize workbookXL,Minimize
58ctrl+F10Maximize or Restore windowXl,Maximize
59Ctrl+F11Insert 4.0 Micro SheetNone Excel 97
60Ctrl+F12File openFile,Open
61Alt+F1Insert chartInsert, Chart….
62Alt+F2Save AsFile Save As
64Alt+F8Micro diloge boxTools,Micro,Microsins in year Excel 97 Tools,Macros – in earlier version
65Alt+F11Visual BasicEditorTools,Micro,Bisual Basic Editor
66Ctrl+Shift+F3Creat name by presing names  of row and column tablesInsert,Name,Create
67Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous windowWindow
69Alt+Shift+F1New worksheetInsert,Worksheet
71Alt+=Auto sumNo direct equivalent
72Alt+Toggle value/Formula displayTool,Options,View,Formulas
73Ctrl+Shift+AInsert argument names Into formulaNo direct equivalent
74Alt+Down arrowDisplay auto Complete listNone
75Alt+”Formula style dialog boxFormet,Style
76Ctrl+Shift+~General formetFormat, Sells, Number, Category ,General
77Ctrl+Shift+!Comma formatFormat, Sells, Number, Category,Number
78Ctrl+Shift+@Time FormetFormat, Sells, Number, Category,Time
79Ctrl+Shift+#Date formetFormat, Sells, Number, Category,Date
80Ctrl+Shift+$Currency formetFormat, Sells, Number, Category,Currency,
81Ctrl+Shift+%Persent formentFormat, Sells, Number, Category,Persentage
82Ctrl+Shift+^Exponential formetFormat, Sells, Number, Category
83Ctrl+Shift+&Place autline border around selected cellFormet,Cells,Border
84Ctrl+Shift+_Remove outlion borderFormet,Cells,Border
85Ctrl+Shift+Select current regionEdit,Goto,Special,Current Region
86Ctrl++InsertInsert,(Ros,columns,or Cells)Depends on selection
87Ctrl+-DeleteDelete,(Ros,columns,or Cells)Depends on selection
88Ctrl+1Formet cell dilog boxFormet,Cells,Border
89Ctrl+2BoldFormet,Cells,Font,Font style,Bold
90Ctrl+3ItalicFormet,Cells,Font,Font style,Italic
91Ctrl+4Under LineFormet,Cells,Font,Font style,Underlion
93Ctrl+6Show / Hide objectTool,Options,View Objects,Show All/Hide
94Ctrl+7Show / Hide Standerd toolbarView,Toolbar,Standard
95Ctrl+8Toggle outline symbolsNone
96Ctrl+9Hide rowFormet,Row,Hide
97Ctrl+0Hide columnsFormet,Columns,Hide
98Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide rowFormet,Row,Underlion
99Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide columnsFormet,Columns,Underline
100Alt or F10Activet the menuNone
101Ctrl+TabIn toolbar : Next toolbsrNone
102Shift+Ctrl+TabIn toolbar : Privous toolbarNone
103Ctrl+TabIn a workbook : Active next workbookNone

Thanks to +Suresh kumar Awasthi for this Keyboard shortcuts collection. If you enjoyed and find this helpful, share this article or leave a feedback.

+John Bhatt 

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