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MS Word 2003 – Introduction

Definition: A full-featured word processing program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft.
Application Name: winword.exe
File Format: .doc
Also support: .txt, .rtf, etc
  1. It reduced retyping and error free hard copy of your document.
  2. Faster output speed.
  3. Reduced the amount required in proof reading.
  4. Make office work convenient and easy.
  5. Elimination of stationary wastes like paper, inks and power also.
Features of MS-Word:
  1. Preparation, storing, retrieve, editing and printing of documents.
  2. Automatically formats text according to real need.
  3. Find, Replace, Mail, Spelling and Grammar, File merge, Column handling, graphics facility, calculation with tables and so many such features.
  4. Security issues with your documents.

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