How to solve searching problem in outlook 2007 Windows 7


You might face problems while searching mails using start menu or outlook search. Here we are sharing a useful tip to solve search problem in Outlook 2007 in Windows 7. This might be helpful to you if you work in Office or corporate environment and are responsible for solving your or others problems. This article is applicable for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 if being used with Windows 7.

Please follow step by step guide provided below.

  1. Clicking the  Start Button, and then click Control Panel.
    You can alternatively type ciadv.msc in Run box.
  2. Click Indexing Options Icon. IndexOption
  3. One dialog box will appear then Click On advance button.
    IndexingOptions Dialogue Box
  4. After clicking on advance one dialog box will appear then click on rebuild.
    Indexing Option Advanced Tab
  5. Dialog box will appear Click on OK.
  6. This will resolve your issue.

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