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ASP.NET 5 Launched


This time we are glad to inform you, Microsoft has just announced ASP.NET 5 which will be Open Source. ASP.NET was launched in January 2002 with initial version 1. With change in time, ASP.NET has taken over and created most powerful applications and websites over the world. Based on Microsoft’s .NET framework, enhanced Security, familiar coding language,  Largest community for member support at ASP.NET forums and much more features that never distracted its audience.

We are sharing some code and feature snippets from Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie’s blog (ScottGu’s Blog).

Some of features that are added in new version are below.

  • Cross Platform, now available for Linux and Mac also.
  • SignalR 3 integrated to create Realtime applications.
  • MVC 6
  • Create Cloud optimized applications with ASP.NET 5
  • Realtime reflection of change without compiling apps with minor changes. Just make change, Save and refresh the browser.
  • Bower, Grunt and Gulp integration make easier.
  • Faster HTTP response
  • Improved IntelliSense on NuGet packages.
  • Open Source
Coding Standerd in ASP.NET 5
Code Difference between earlier version and ASP.NET 5



Download Link : (Latest Visual Studio CTP 2015)


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