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First HTML Page

We will Now start Creating a Web page with HTML.To Learn Coding with HTML, Lets learn some Basic Rules. Entire Page is contained inside and tag. HTML Web Document is Seperated in two parts. Head …

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    Filling Background in a page

    Dear All, This is to tell you that how to insert background color and image in a webpage. For Filling Color as Background We use bgcolor attribute with body tag. Here is an example showing that how …

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      How to create First Web page?

      Hello! Welcome Back, Now open the notepad by Typing notepad in Run Run command. Now type the following codes in notepad and save it with extension .htm or .html. Now I am going to describe the above codes. …

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        HTML Codes/ Tags

        Hi, I have introduced you with HTML in my earlier post. Now we will start creating HTML files. i.e. Web Pages. HTML is scripting language which is written in codes, called tags. These tags are …

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