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Creating New File and Folder in MS-DOS

Hi,This is another Tutorials in MS-DOS Series. In this post, we will learn to Create a new file and folder using DOS System. Before this, I would like to introduce you with Command Prompt.

Creating New File in Command Prompt

Prompt means “Assist by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned.” MS DOS prompt also help you and interfaces with you.

In above line C: (colon) is current drive , (backslash) is symbol for directory (folder), Users is directory name, (backslash) is directory symbol, John is name of folder and > (greater than) is command prompt symbol. This is the place, where you will write command.
1. How to create a File?

Use following commands to create a file in MS-DOS command prompt.

Meaning of above commands.

2. How to create Folder?

Use following commands to create a folder (directory) in MS-DOS command prompt.

md or mkdir – Make Directory

↵ – Enter Key to execute command.
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