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How to change Start Menu in Windows 10?


In our last post on Windows 10, We have shared an article on How to Shut Down Windows 10? This time we are again digging with Start Menu. Today we have new question on Start menu.

How to change start Menu in Windows 10?

Lets move to tutorial step by step.

  1. Open Settings app from any method. If you are confused on how to get settings app, lets follow some steps.
    1. Click on Start button or press Windows button on Keyboard. You will see start Menu like below.Windows 10 Start Menu
    2. Click on Navicon (Menu icon on top left corner) to expand options and you will see menu like this.Start Menu get Settings
    3. Click on Settings which is at bottom quick link. Second from above. You will see Settings app.
  2. On Settings App, click on Personalization settings icon.Personalize Windows 10
  3. You will be redirected to new settings page. Click on Start from left panel inside personalization settings.Start Settings -1
  4. Lets go to main setting, which will re-vamp your start menu. Turn off the setting named “Use full-screen Start when in the desktop“. Start Settings to disable full scree menu.

Are you searching for Step 5? No there is no Step 5. You have changed the Start Menu style in Windows 10. Lets have look at new start menu.
Windows 10 Start Menu

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