Microsoft announced Spartan Project, a most advanced browser for Windows 10
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Microsoft announces new browser with most advanced features for Windows 10


Today at Redmond, Washington Microsoft announced its new browser that has been in news for last few weeks confirming the development of Spartan project.


This browser will be available for all platform, Desktop, Windows Phone and XBox.
As mentioned in above screen, this will Run on a new Rendering Engine while Internet Explorer using Trident engine from start.
This browser also have tools available to note and share.
Code named spartan, this will also have Reading mode which we have earlier seen in Apple’s Safari.

This browser will also have Cortana which will add extra features that were not available in any browser previously.

Microsoft will try to gain the faith and love is people while Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have taken over Internet Explorer and most user prefer to use browser other than Built-in browser of Windows.

Image credit : The Verge

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