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Windows 10 Launching this summer


Once again, there is news update about Windows 10. We have been following since it is announced. We have earlier notified you about Microsoft’s Project Spartan. However we never followed rumors and news that are not confirmed. Here is another confirmed news from Microsoft Operating System EVP, Terry Myerson on Blogging Windows. Also with this, as mentioned in blog We will get Windows on 111 different languages.

We would like to quote the title of blog published at microsoft blog here “Windows 10 Launching This Summer in 190 Countries and 111 Languages”.

Windows 10 Launching

Microsoft has planned to release Windows in 190 countries and we have earlier heard that we will get Free upgrade for first year of Launch of Windows 10 to authentic customer. Means if you have purchased windows earlier, you do not need to pay again. Read complete news at below link.

Stay tuned for more on Windows 10.

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